About Us

" We know the power of startups. That is why we want to make digital marketing easy " - SocialGrow

Social Grow was developed as a solution to problem faced by lot of startups and businesses in managing their digital marketing requirements which existing tools not quite solve.

We as ourselves being digital marketers know this problem well before hand. That is why we came up with this idea of Social grow which came to us after discussion with lot of startups and businesses.

We see businesses usually face issue in two – managing their brand across social media channels  efficiently, secondly hiring and consulting various digital experts for requirements.

Social Grow solves this problem by providing  social media managment tools while also providing expert content creators, influencers, experts all at one unified platform to manage, brand presence in a most effective way.

----- SUKANSHI SHARMA- Founder, Social Grow

Our Goal

Social Grow is focusing on a mission to improve the digital marketing experience for businesses and startups. With Digital and Social media management  marketing and hiring experts , content creators and Influencers. The frustration of constantly switching between the various social management tools and hiring tools. The Main focus of social grow is to resolve this issue and give people the good experience by providing the unified platform. This can help them get things easily done and is hassle free for them.

----- Team Social Grow

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