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Social media is a giant that needs to be continuously fed to grow to its fullest. Be it keeping tabs on what the ‘Gen Z’ is doing, or following different trends that never seem to end, it is very essential to keep up with the world to grow your brand. To do that, a user-friendly, beginners’ level image editing platform is the best option to create attractive, attention-grabbing images for your social media. If you want a basic introduction on what is Canva, and how to use it without any prior experience in the field, click here.


Before getting started, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the purpose behind being on social media?
  2. What value is your brand providing, and how can you get it across?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. How can you make your engagement beneficial on both ends?
  5. How can your images reflect your brand?

These questions are meant to provide some clarity on what your brand stands for, and the end goal that you are striving for. This is what people term as a ‘social media strategy’. While the answers might be similar for many brands and companies, always think about the ‘X Factor’ that makes yours stand out from the crowd.  In this digital economy, it is very easy to just have a presence on social media; however, it is equally difficult to have a fruitful one that is capable of providing value to its audience. Therefore, the question of how to use Canva to grow your brand on social media is a tough one. But having a strategy makes the job easier. 


Once you are have a clearer picture of your social media strategy, here’s how you can enhance your social media presence using Canva:

1. CHOOSE A TEMPLATE TO GO WITH YOUR VISUALS: Canva has a variety of different templates, optimized for different purposes and platforms. Choose a template that matches your strategy for that specific post, and add font and design accordingly. Also, keep in mind the platform you are designing for, and the audience you want to engage.

2. BUILD A STYLE GUIDE: A style guide can provide much-needed consistency and uniformity to your brand. Select a color palette and add 2-4 complementary colors to it. While it is okay to add color as and when required to make a few things ‘pop out’, stick to this pallet for the most part. Also, select fonts that go with your brand image. Remember, less is more; hence, don’t overcrowd your page and stick to a theme that suits it best. For example, look at this account (@artsypatee) with a coordinated color pallet. Although the account has less than 10k followers, the content is aesthetic and consistent, making its user engagement amazing.

3.DRAW ATTENTION: It is extremely easy for even an attractive post to go unnoticed, in the swarm of posts that litter every platform on a daily basis. Hence, go with an image that stands out – be it with visuals, or a text that people relate to. One simple way is to have an image with a question. For instance, “What is the weirdest story you’ve ever heard?” the next slide or picture having a larger body of the text. The formula is clear: grab attention and then elaborate. Another way is to simply have a slide explaining what’s on the others, which draws attention, and also saves time.

4. GET YOUR OWN PHOTOS: One simple way to ensure that your brand remains unique is to have your own images taken. It can be as simple as a picture of your morning tea, or your favorite plant under the sunlight. People like seeing things that are relatable, so post it in a way that gives off a warm feeling. With Canva, you can add blocks of texts to it, to make it seem more professional. Put a filter on, caption it in a fun way, and you’re good to go!
5.POST REGULARLY: Keeping in mind the algorithms that these platforms work on, it is essential to have a regular presence. While it might not be possible for one to have quality content on a daily basis, make sure that your brand does not disappear from your audience’s attention. Re-share, re-tweet, and have stories to keep your audience engaged.
6.COLLABORATE: If you are looking to engage different categories of people, one easy way to do this is to collaborate with different brands. Even a simple shoutout from a brand with a large following may increase your own audience. Feature that brand using aesthetic visuals from Canva, and direct their audience towards your own page. It’s a win-win situation.

7. SHARE YOUR FINAL WORK: Canva has a built-in feature to share your work on different social media platforms. Alternately, if you are working with a team, it allows you to share your work with them, where they can make changes to your design. You can also simply download your work in a PDF, JPG, or PNG format, and share it as and when you like.

So that’s it: 7 ways you can grow your brand through social media. Remember to keep editing and revising as you go, and to promote your content in a non-forceful, interesting way, to keep people invested. With Canva, you can always try out new designs and techniques, and make the best out of your images. Always keep your brand image in mind, and you’re good to go!

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