Top 10 Facebook Posts Ideas For Your Facebook Business Page

Once you setup your Facebook Business Page and manage to grow your page organically, the next step is to know what is ideal for you to post on your Facebook Business Page. Ultimately your content would decide if the followers would want to follow you or not. We have curated a list of top 10 Facebook Post Ideas for you to get started with your Facebook business journey!

Through Facebook Business Page, you can create a community of your own and provide a platform to initiate discussion.

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Timing of your post is also an essential factor here. Post according to the relevant time zone and followers’ activities status. Moreover, you can get personal always try to humanize your brand in order to grab audience’s trust.

1. Post About Trending Topics

Hashtags work best when you are using it for trending topics. People tend to search post related to trending hashtags and if you’d use that opportunity, you’d likely increase the chances of getting a higher reach. This would increase the chances of appearing in people’s feed and if it’s about trending topics, there is a high chance you’d get more likes, shares and comments.

For instance, the above shown Realme post is doing three things at the same time.

  • Posting about their product.
  • Kind of promoting their product for people to buy.
  • Using the festive season to attract more people. Check the #realmeFestiveDays.

2. You Can Ask Questions

To make your page more engaging, you need to make your audience respond to your posts. One of the simplest and the easiest way is by asking them a question in the post. This may sound very clichéd but it isn’t. Using questions once in a while can make a drastic change in your page response.

In order to get more comments, the best way is to ask your audience something. They’d be tempted to reply!

It could be related to:

  • your products
  • their preferences
  • what would they do in a given situation (basically giving them situation related questions such as “what if this happened with you… what would you do in that case?”)
  • asking them to suggest ideas for your post (Yes! It’s a good activity. Your audience’s support would help you grow more. Take polls. Ask them! This would also help you connect with your target audience)

3. Share Inspirational Stories

How did you get the idea to start your brand? Who inspired you? What were the difficulties you faced? When you interact with your audience as if you are treating them like a family, they’d also begin to trust your brand and not see your page as a non-human one.

Moreover, you can talk about your products and tell them how you produce them. This is also an effective way of connecting with the customer.

Storytelling always leave a positive impact on your audience.

4. Post Videos

Okay, we are talking about a platform which has dedicated a whole section for videos under “Watch” section. Facebook videos are always trending and showing up in most of the feeds.

For your Facebook posts ideas, you can come up with:

  • Short videos related to your products.
  • Informational Videos.
  • Education Videos.
  • Animated Videos among many other categories.

Videos should be a part of Facebook Marketing Strategy. In fact, these days, you don’t even need to hire a professional video editor if you know the basics of video editing. With online tools, you can make interactive videos yourself as well.

5. Product Details/Photos

In order to sell your product, you need to show it to your target customer as well. This is an unsaid thing. However, what is necessary is that you have to make sure that you are presenting it in a unique manner. This is the place where your product should stand out and look eye appeasing.

For instance, if you are promoting your food outlet online, you need to make sure you are standing out separately as a brand. Your menu, your photography and your marketing strategy should be a different one.

In the above post, you can not only see the product but also the provided offer on it. This way, it’s likely that people would be more interested to avail the offer.

6. Add Infographics

Facebook post ideas would be incomplete without this long data visualization which is an easy way to share complicated information. Infographics are graphic and visual representations of information, data, or knowledge aimed to present information quickly and clearly. It helps in improving cognition by utilizing graphics that enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

Extra Facebook Posts Ideas: Since, the size of Infographic are not standard, you need to resize them accordingly for different social media platforms.

Share infographic and educate people!

7. Blog Posts

Through this, you can link contents that are posted outside Facebook. You just have to copy and paste a link into the status box. Facebook would automatically show the image and meta-description of that link. You can use this to drive traffic to your website by sharing blog links directly to your Facebook business page.

This is a best way to drive your Facebook traffic to your brand website as well. Content marketing is also an essential part of the social media marketing. Moreover, it’s self promoting and engaging.

8. Share Tips

Whatever niche you belong to, it’s essential to share tips, tricks and facts with your audience. They love to learn new things every day and if you’d provide them a platform which can teach them something new, they would be tempted to follow you.

How many of you know the difference between the fonts you use on daily basis. We are sure many writers who type every single day would also be not knowing the difference. Posts like these stand out and attempt to enlighten the audience.

9. Games, Contests and Giveaways

People love contests and giveaways. You can post giveaways of your products and attract more people to come and comment on your post.

Extra Facebook Posts Ideas: You can ask them to participate by following your account and suggesting your page to 3 other people.

Have you seen those posts online where they claim to gift free ipads and iphones. Well, who won’t give it a chance to like, share and comment on your post to win such amazing gifts. It creates interest and curiosity among the users and they keep an eye on your page to keep a track of future giveaways.

10. Sales and Discounts

Okay, along with contests and giveaways, you have to inform your audience about the discounts you are offering on your products. Until and unless they know about it, how would they buy your product?

You can also come up with “Only for Facebook Users” discount to add more spice to it. In this manner, more people would follow you.


The best post is the one which is highly researched and planned. You can consider the above mentioned Facebook posts ideas to make your page more dynamic. However, ultimately, it’s your unique and stand-alone Facebook marketing strategy that would create your unique Facebook and brand identity.

You should always plan and schedule your posts to never run out of content.

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