Top 10 SEO blogs to follow in 2020

Are you a businessman or an entrepreneur? Or are you trying to build your personal brand? You might want to think of Search Engine Optimization to grow your brand organically. Before checking the list of top 10 SEO blogs, let’s understand a bit more about SEO and its work.

What is SEO?

Stands for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a practise of increasing the traffic on your website through organic search results. An ideal SEO content comprises of three main elements:

  • Site structure – A good site structure helps Google in understanding your site. Moreover, sometimes a website publishes multiple blogs related to the same topic. In that case, the site would be competing with their own posts on Google ranking. However, this misunderstanding can be prevented if the site structure is well arranged. Site structure would help Google prioritise one post over other.
  • Keyword strategy – Keyword research is one of the main prerequisites of writing any SEO rich blog. To generate traffic, you need to know what your audience is searching for. A keyword strategy ensures a better organic reach to your audience.
  • Copywriting – Over-optimization can deteriorate the quality of blogs. The articles should be attractive enough that the reader stays at your website and don’t switch for any other blog. In other words, copywriting is henceforth an essential step.

In simple words, SEO means ensuring your website gains a higher search result ranking with the help of suited keywords to increase page visits. For any kind of branding, SEO should be your first priority. Hence, we’ve compiled a handy list of Top 10 SEO blogs to help you achieve the best optimization.

1. Moz
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Moz is arguably one of the top-ranked SEO blogs. They have tons of informational and meaningful content for anyone looking to learn search engine optimization. It is well-known for hosting ‘Whiteboard Fridays’ with Moz’s former CEO, Rand Fishkin.

2. SEMrush

As the title is described, it is a blog written by marketers for marketers. It is a popular marketing tool with a great blog that claims its position as one of the best SEO blogs. You can find a variety of information such as app development, social media marketing and voice search. Be it competitive research to e-commerce to enterprise to your agency work, SEMrush has a solution for everything.

3. Neil Patel
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Neil Patel and his proficient team of experts break the latest and trending marketing news in their blog, including SEO. Their videos are as resourceful as their written blogs! New York Times Bestselling author, Neil Patel is a top influencer. He is helping websites to get more traffic. Check this link!

4. Yoast
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If you’re a WordPress user, you must have heard of Yoast. However, not many people know that the suggestions WordPress usually provides is actually from Yoast’s blog. Their SEO blog is useful not only for WordPress users but for other users as well. They usually write how-tos and guides which can be a great beginning point for a search engine marketer.

5. Ahrefs
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Another big name in the dimension of SEO blogs is Ahrefs. They have boosted their blog quality in recent years and there claim one of the top spots in this list. Also, Ahrefs’ content is usually data-driven, they love their data! So, the information they provide is usually accurate.

6. Search Engine Land
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Search Engine Land is ideal for analyzing the search marketing industry and gaining in-depth news. This is not like the above-mentioned platforms. Here, on Search Engine Land, you’d find information related search marketing and daily business news updates.

7. Backlinko
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Brian Dean, also known as Backlinko is a popular name in the Search Marketing world. He truly proves that quality is better than quantity. While he doesn’t post articles frequently, when he actually does post a blog, you can be assured that the topic will be covered completely with no loopholes. If you want to stay updated with new SEO trends, don’t forget to subscribe Backlinko.

8. Tubular Insights
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Tubular Insights is a great place if you want to learn about the impact of video content on search engine marketing. It gives you the best insights of your video contents. Check the link!

9. DailySEOBlog
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As the name suggests, DailySEOBlog provides SEO tips every day. If you’re regularly looking for tips and tricks to optimize your blog, this blog is for you!

10. SEO Book
SEO Book

SEO Book is a unique website that reviews the latest SEO tools and analyses changes in search engine marketing. Check out SEO Book if it catches your fancy.

Now that you know the Top 10 SEO blogs to follow, let’s explore how search engine optimization can benefit your brand.

1. Target Quality Traffic
Quality traffic

While traditional ‘outbound’ advertising channels are used to reach out to customers whether they want to hear from you or not, SEO ensures your visitors are provided with quality information whenever they visit. Traditional methods are usually based on the advertiser’s goal which consumers might find downright annoying.

On the other hand, inbound marketing doesn’t interrupt the user’s activity and gives them what they need, when they need it. Consumers can look up for the information on their own rather than being blasted with information that is useless to them.

Moreover, inbound marketing gains you better quality leads. This was proven in HubSpot’s study ‘State of Inbound’ in which around 59% of marketers stated they gained the highest quality leads through Inbound Marketing.

2. It’s Organic, No Need to Pay!
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Good content gets your page better search result rankings. This means that for your web-page to be deemed best for any query, you need to post adequate quality of content. Once ranked, if the search engine considers your page to be worth directing users to, you can gain traffic to your main website for months, or even years after you publish it.

For this, you need to invest in research and writing. Once you’ve made the initial investment, there is no ongoing need to pay to get your content across the web. You might need to refine the page with changes in your industry or current trends.

You might also need to improve your blog if your competitors decide to target the same keyword as you.

However, at the end of the day, your valuable search engine ranking is completely free – it just requires time and lots of effort.

3. It Gets More Clicks Compared to PPC
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It is hard to state the reason, but 71.33% of searches are made by clicking organic search results rather than paid adverts. The reason could be that users trust the search engine’s algorithm. They know which areas have been advertised and are choosing to click on pages the search engine has deemed to be the best.

Or, they don’t want to advertised stuff because of personal bias. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that most of the search result clicks go to organic search results.

4. It Can Be Used To Beat The Competition
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61% of marketers say that improving their SEO is a top priority for their brand!

Your competitors are likely to make efforts to secure high search result rankings. With an SEO strategy at hand, you can keep up with or ideally, move ahead of your competitors within your industry.

After all, SEO is the only unpaid tactic to win against your competitors.

5. It Helps in Public Relations
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SEO and PR might seem like completely different areas of marketing, but when combined, you have a really powerful marketing strategy at hand. This means, one of the biggest responsibilities of an SEO marketer is identifying opportunities for coverage on news publications, industry blogs and other relevant content websites. Similarly, considering the fact that PR strategies include getting prominent influencers and publications to talk about your brand, this is a great opportunity!

Using link building research to look for new ways to make your brand more prominent in front of your consumers, you can be much more effective in distributing content to potential and existing customers.

In conclusion, we hope that our list of Top 10 SEO blogs to follow in 2020 was useful to you! Stay updated on the latest industry news and trends with the above blogs and keep following Social Grow for more interesting reads.

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