Why Digital Marketing is important post-COVID-19

Digital and COVID-19. Can they be written in the same sentence? Yes, In the wide wake of COVID-19, where startups and businesses are struggling. Therefore, the digital marketing post-COVID-19 era has become the need of the hour. Companies have been cutting back on marketing budgets or laying off marketing teams completely. It is essential to come up with better marketing techniques to keep your audience engaged with your brand. You cannot stay idle for long and let down your brand in the long run.

Digital marketing post-COVID-19 era is a must for your brand.

With social distancing becoming the norm along with wearing masks and continually washing our hands. No-one really expected this global situation of Coronavirus. As a result, consumer-buying attitudes have also changed substantially. Which will continue to unfold over the coming months in the world of marketing.

A recent report from AutoLeadStar, which is a marketing automation platform for dealers indicates digital is the way to go. Without going into detail about the full report which you can read here. I will highlight two important points from that report

  • The emergence of new buying personas and in-market shopper behaviors.
  • Unprecedented technology-driven operational efficiency.

In other words, Coronavirus has proved overnight that a digital approach for a brand is the key to marketing your brand post-COVID-19.

Companies that were using only traditional means of marketing. Such as hoardings, pamphlets, television, and other offline placements. Have failed to keep up with the times. They are in a weak situation. With people staying at home and avoiding interaction. Even the most attractive hoardings and billboards are going to waste. Similarly, the same goes for magazine advertisements.

With all traditional marketing channels becoming obsolete. How will your business communicate with existing and potential customers alike?

Digital Marketing post COVID-19 is way to go!

Companies trying to salvage their profits have turned to digital. Resulting in a sharp spike with businesses wanting to create or update their websites. Launch new social media campaigns and e-commerce channels.

Digital marketing can help you reach your audience in less than half the budget as compared to offline marketing. This is a boon for small and medium-sized businesses with a much smaller marketing budget.


You are in full control of your budget and spend as much as you want with digital. In other words, Resulting in better Cost per Lead (CPL) compared to other marketing mediums.

Measurable Analytics

Social Media Analytics: the Complete Guide | Socialbakers

Apart from cost-effectiveness, measurable analytics is the best advantage of digital marketing. It also helps in identifying user behavior and buying patterns so you can create targeted ads.

Targeted Audience

Identifying The Targeted Audience for Online Branding - Tech&Trends.

You can precisely target the people you want with digital. Customers will see the offers and marketing messages with respect to their actions. Along with their psychographics and demographics. It brings in a steady traffic of targeted people who convert into leads, then sales.

It is now easier to get started with digital marketing because of the wide variety of digital channels available.

Digital Marketing Channels

Paid Search

Paid Search Piggyback: The Keyword Lessons of Edible Arrangements ...

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are now entry-points of digital marketing. With that said, you should be focusing first on Google. It nearly has a 90% search market share. Businesses can appear at the top of search results by bidding on the keywords which are relevant to the user’s search query. Also, It can be scaled up or down to fit any marketing budget and delivers predictable results.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing for Businesses | WordStream

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the popular social media networks around. You may have an account in at least two platforms. Above all, Businesses can use them to engage with their customers. By use of all kinds of content, ranging from behind-the-scenes to memes and light-hearted jokes related to their brand.

It can help a brand by –

1. Increasing brand awareness.

2. Increasing conversion rates.

3. Improving brand loyalty.

4. Improving customer satisfaction.

5. Gain market insights.

6. Cutting costs.


Why Email Marketing Is Best Marketing Channel in 2020?

Emails are one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Firstly, emails can be used to share personalized campaigns with your existing customer base. Or sometimes directly pitch your potential customer. Secondly, you can also feature special promotions, announcements, offers or any other engaging content.

Also, emails help you to keep a detailed record of the conversation you had with the customers. As a result, emails are one of the most well-known marketing channels. Emails are great for effective communication and interaction with customers.

Be it any digital marketing channel, you must always keep in mind what value consumers getting. You should adjust your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Managing Social Media

Social Media Management is the process of promoting, creating, publishing and managing content across social media channels. It also includes interacting with your audience and exploiting opportunities to increase reach and visibility. Social Media is the most approachable platform available to begin digital marketing your brand post-COVID-19.

The Top 10 Skills Every Successful Social Media Manager Should Have

Social media management tools allow you to manage your entire brand presence on social media through a single interface. As a result, it helps you to understand your audience better and create campaigns accordingly.

Some known social media management solutions are Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout Social. 

What is Social Media Management? - Why You Need a SMM Company

Social Grow is an all-cohesive tool with some unique features, taking a holistic approach towards social media marketing. It caters to all your social media needs such as managing campaigns, publishing content, hiring digital experts, influencers, and content creators within a single tool.

Let’s add up

In conclusion, now you know how digital marketing post-COVID-19 era has become a much more valuable asset to have. How social media marketing can be the backbone of your brand’s visibility. Integrating a proper social media management tool can save you a lot of time and resources. Social media management tools can be one of the great methods for efficient digital marketing post-COVID-19 era.

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