How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Having an account and having a verified account on social media are two different things. A verified account on your social media can give you a sense of authenticity and reliability. Here is an easy guide to how to get verified on Instagram?

You must’ve seen a blue tick next to many accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The blue ticks are verified accounts and it helps the followers to connect with the right account. Now you’d ask, aren’t other accounts authentic? Well, they are authentic, but public figures, celebrities and influencers need the authentic account because there are many appreciations and fan pages of the same name. Similarly, business account and multinational companies also need to get verified on social media.

What is a Verified Badge on Instagram?

A verified badge is a blue tick/check-mark that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search or the profile. A verification badge is a proof that Instagram has verified that the account has the authentic presence of the public figure or celebrity or the global brand it represents.

The blue tick verification helps people to make it easier to find public figures, celebrities and global brands.

A screenshot of official instagram page showing blue tick
See the blue tick next to Instagram name

If you are a famous person, getting verified on Instagram is easier. However, Instagram would not allow everyone to get a verification badge. Then who can apply for the verification on Instagram?

Prerequisites of getting verified on Instagram


According to Instagram, there are number of factors Instagram takes into consideration before verifying an account. In fact, there are some more factors which Instagram keeps confidential and not share with us while analyzing an account. However, there are a few requirements you need to check before applying for a blue tick on Instagram.

Additional to these, you need to follow Instagram’s Terms of Conditions and Community Guidelines before getting started with it.

  • Authentic Account: You account should be authentic and if it’s representing a brand it should be real.
  • Unique in Presence: If your account is representing you or your business, make sure it’s unique. It cannot be generic and there should be a unique identity to it. For instance, Instagram does not verify general interest accounts such as @catmemes etc.
  • Complete Account: Your account should be complete with a bio. It should be a public account with a profile photo and at least one post. Moreover, there should be no “add me” links to other social media services on your profile.
  • Notable Account: Your account must represent a highly searched person or a brand or entity.

Note:Instagram would not review your account on the basis of paid or promotional contents. So you don’t have to promote your account in order to get verified. Promotion is for your personal growth and it has nothing to do with verification.

How to Request for a Verification Badge on Instagram?

A step by step guide

For a verification, make sure you are signed in from the same account you are requesting for verification.

Instagram login screenshot

Go to your profile by tapping  in the bottom right of you mobile phone or top right of web instagram.

instagram screenshot

Tap  in the top right.

Instagram screenshot


Instagram screenshot

 Open  Account  

Open Request Verification.

Enter your full name and provide the required form of identification (for example government-issued photo ID).

Instagram screenshot

You’ve to provide the authentic information during this process, otherwise, Instagram can cancel your request and may take additional action to delete your account. Moreover, just providing information cannot assure you that Instagram would accept your request. As mentioned above, along with the given requirements, Instagram keep other factors in mind while analysing your account.

What Happens After Applying for a Verification Badge

After reviewing your request, Instagram would sent you a notification to let you know if your account is verified or not. You can submit a new request after 30 days if your request is denied.

When can Instagram remove your blue tick?

Instagram can remove your blue tick or disable your account if:

  • You try to advertise, sell or verify your badge.
  • If you use your profile picture, bio or name section to promote other services (means other social media platforms).
  • If you try to attempt to authenticate your account through a third party. (Read below to know more about this).

The Third-Party Verification: We all know that there are wrong ways of doing the work on the internet as well. There are many dealers who charge you to get a verification badge (BUT IT IS ILLEGAL). There are four serious drawbacks of approaching for a third-party verification:

  1. It is illegal (let’s just accept this first!)
  2. Instagram can take actions against you and delete your account (And no one wants that. Right?)
  3. Third party would charge huge amount of money.
  4. Even after paying them, you won’t be assured if you get a blue tick or not.


As already mentioned above, verification badges can be really helpful for you but you need to follow all the guidelines and rules. There are millions of famous Instagram accounts which are trending without blue ticks. So, you should not bother about the verification badge as it is only for the authentication purpose. But if you want it, you can definitely apply for it.

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